• Operator assisted acquisition and analysis
  • Operator unassisted analysis and acquisition (for investigators who have taken the instruction course)
  • Post acquisition data analysis, study, quality control, and file assembly/formatting.
  • ELISPOT / FluoroSpot assay preparation
  • Multiplex assay preparation
  • ELISPOT / FluoroSpot assay materials, reagents, and Ab pairs
  • Multiplex assay materials, reagents, and equipment
  • Multiplex assay facilities including magnetic bead plate washing, micro-plate shaker, and staging platforms and equipment for various assay types.
  • Assistance in development of unique bead-based multiplex assays with multiplex COOH beads by coupling with antibodies, antigens, receptors, ligands, enzymes, or nucleic acids.
  • Instrumentation/Software Instruction (permitting unassisted supervised usage of Analyzers).
  • Blank media, disks, and photo printouts
  • ELISPOT / FluoroSpot Assay instruction
  • Multiplex assay instruction
  • Free assay consultation

*Consultation and Instruction

Consultation is offered by the Immuno/BioSpot Director, Dr. Christel Uittenbogaart, and Core Manager, Brent Gordon, whom can provide protocol workscope planning assistance helpful to investigators who may not have expertise in these assays but wish to incorporate them as a component of their projects. Workshops are offered to investigators for set-up and development of assays and use of acquisition and analysis equipment and software.